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Cax4All is the only world wide On Line simulation tool, provided by NGC AS, a leading company in supposrting CAX - simulation projects. It can be used for a set of different domains, levels and purposes. Once you have developed your own scenario we can support you to simulate the action with the right tool, at the right time and with the right people. Just relax and test your planning, having high reliability and quality.

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Welcome to Cax4All. This is the ultimate tool for On Line Simulation.

If you have set up your CAX project we are ready to support your simulation. After connecting your project to the simulation model that you wish we are ready to play your scenario! Just feel free to ask us everything that will make your life easier!

How am I going to select the right imulation model?

First select the domain based on the scenario you have deleloped and then find out the level of your entities, 2D or 3D simulation and the level of reports that will be useful to your project.

When will I be ready to run my simulation project?

There are a few steps: You have to develop your own database in the selected simulation model, with our help. Then just ask us to create accounts for the numbwr of users that you wish to have in your simulation. Next step, start developing the list of events and incidents that you wish to simulate based on your scenario. Last bu not least, let us know wht kind of support you wish to have!

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Build your Tactical Simulation Project On Line with respect to your Objectives. Watch your Steps: Database - Scenario - Action!



At this level you can develop your Simulation Project by building your database, maps and Main Events List of your Scenario.



The only worldwide Hybrid Simulation Service that is available On Line. Just use the step by step process and build your simulation.


M & S Courses

Our Modeling & Simulation training courses ensure that you will be able to achieve your operational objectives

M&S courses are leveled and provide a full understanding on how to use simulation effectivelly and efficiently

What we offer...

M&S Basic Course

M&S for Military

M&S for Comprehensive Projects

M&S Executive Course

CAX Courses

Computer Assisted Exercises courses are the main tool for developing a CAX that suits your needs and works within your budget

CAX is the ultimate methodology for planners and operational staff to support realistic planning and training under the limitations of time and space

What we offer...

Introduction to CAX

CAX Planning

CAX Organization & Execution

CAX Development Modules

AAR Courses

The After Action Review process encapsulates all simulation activities and provide operational planning optimization

Use AAR to get the right answers out of our innovative courses for a fruitful and to the point process. Help staffs to adapt fast the outcome of simulation!

What we offer...

The AAR Process

CAX Activity Analysis

Lessons by AAR

The AAR Operational Procedures


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Question? How can we have On Line - On Sight Support 24/7 for Simulation Projects? Action! It's easy! Just fill up the form that describes very analyticaly your domains, requirements and simulation projects that you may have or you need to develop. The rest is our business!

Question? Can you support us in developing our simulation database as well as our Main Events / Main Incidents List for our simulation project? Action! Defenitelly YES! We can even do it for you under the most secure environment that you may have. Just coordinate with our team regarding your scenario objectives.


Are you encountering any difficulties? We're here to help.

Just follow the right path for you, we can be there for you 24/7 to help you!

Question?What are the available optpions to get help if something is wrong with my project?Action! Fell free to contact our helpdesk On Line via the chat option and then ask for the right person to help you. It can be either operational or technical staff. You just need to specify what kind of help you need!

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